Ohio Gathering 2015
Welcome to the Ohio
Gathering 2015!
We will have 3 speakers Saturday morning.  Dr. Oliver Adunka from Ohio State will briefly talk about the "new" ABI and then talk about vestibular therapy (balance, dizziness, etc).  Also speaking will be Dr. Tammi Young-Saleme, a psychologist from Nationwide Children's Hospital to talk about coping with depression, living with a lifelong illness, etc.  Lastly, Dr. Asthagiri (Dr. A) will discuss NF2-associated vestibular schwannomas.

Brad Welling, MD, PhD will be giving us a message of hope and encouragement Sunday morning.
When & where is the Ohio Gathering?
October 9-11, 2015

Come a day or two early and/or stay an extra day.

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This year will be the last Ohio Gathering in Columbus, OH.  The Ohio Gathering was born in 1993 and has grown every year as more people with NF2 have come to experience the friendships and understanding being around others with NF2 provide.  Join us as we close the event in Columbus.  Last year we had almost 40 with NF2 attend!

Plans for the new Ohio Gathering in Cleveland, OH beginning in 2016 will be presented.  We are excited the Gathering will continue and serve the NF2 community.
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