Ohio Gathering 2014
It's Time for a Beach Party!
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This page was last updated: October 3, 2014
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The final countdown has begun!  Ohio Gathering 2014 is being held at the Drury Inn & Suites in Grove City, OH (just south of Columbus) from Oct. 10-12.

It is a special time for those with NF2 and their families to have a great time and just enjoy a time where NF2 is the norm.  Each year we have a theme - this year is beach/tropical.
Here are some things to help you prepare for the Ohio Gathering:
Make my personal preparations and pack.  Bring a swimsuit to enjoy the indoor/ outdoor pool and hot tub.  Dress for Saturday night dinner is beachy/tropical.  Shoes (flip flops are fine) and shorts/tops/tanks for Saturday night dinner.
If you are driving to the OG, please bring munchies to share.
Get ready to have a great time!
New and Exciting News!
Dr. Salvatore La Rosa, Senior Director of Research & Development at CTF will be speaking this year on Saturday morning about their Synodos NF2 initiative.  There will be 2 sessions and will take your questions!